Test 1

Hello everybody!

Today, I would like to begin a new category of posts, titled Surprise Test Sunday.

Seeing that my Short Story Sunday didn’t get a lot of attention, I will try to test out your knowledge of the previous lessons by providing a series of tests. In the description, you will find the links to the lessons we are testing, and I am inviting you to browse them first. You can try answering these questions in a group lesson, or you can post comments to this post, and I will be sure to check and provide feedback! Think of this as a free weekly lesson! 🙂

For the first test in this category, we will focus on greetings, numbers, days, months and seasons!

Ex. 1 – Choose the correct answer:

1. She is a very smart girl! She is …. in her class.

a) first b) firth c) third d) one

2. I hope we find a good secretary soon! We have already interviewed ….

a) fifty b) fifth c) five d) eightyn

3. September is the …. month of the year.

a) nineth b) ninth c) nine d) ninetyeth

4. The Northern hemisphere has …. seasons.

a) four b) five c) fifth d) fourth

5. Could you please … that again?

a) say b) speak c) said d) saying

5 x 0.20p = 1p

Ex. 2 – complete the sentence with the correct word! (The following sentences each have only one word missing, marked with “…”. Write the correct word for each sentence.)

1. …. is the first day of the week when I am in the office, as I work from home on Moday.

2. I was number twelve on that list, and Jodie was two places below me, so she was the … .

3. Today is October 1st, and my brother’s wedding is in a month and a half, so on … 15th.

4. My name is Joao, I am from Lisbon, and I speak … .

5. My favorite season is … . I love going to the beach!

6. I won a prize today, because I was the one … shopper.

6 x 0,5p = 3p

Ex. 3 – Write phrases with the following words (you can use more than one word in each sentence)

– Lisbon,

– afternoon,

– January,

– evening,

– Wednesday,

– twelve,

– winter,

– sixtieth,

– name,

– Italy.

10 x 1p = 10p

Ex. 4 – Write a short answer (20-50 words) to the following question:

Where would you like to travel next?


Good luck everybody!


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