Sport (3)

Ciao a tutti! Questa settimana impareremo di più sugli sport! Ama il pattinaggio artistico, l'hockey su ghiaccio e il judo. Preferisce giocare a calcio o guardare gare di ginnastica in TV nel suo tempo libero. Era un ginnasta, ha vinto la medaglia d'oro un paio di anni fa. Ho smesso di fare jogging per il … Continue reading Sport (3)


Sports (3)

Hello everybody! This week, we are learning more about sports! He enjoys figure skating, ice hockey, and judo.She prefers to play football or watch gymnastics competitions on TV in her free time.He used to be a gymnast, he actually won the gold medal a couple of years ago.I quit jogging for fitness, but I sometimes … Continue reading Sports (3)


Hello everybody! This week, we will learn about the Easter Holiday. On Easter Sunday, various religions celebrate Jesus' ressurection.People dye and paint eggs, as a symbol of the blood of Jesus, which painted the eggs in the basket below his cross.Although Easter doesn't have a set date, it is always celebrated on a Sunday.The Good … Continue reading Easter