Hello everybody!

Thank you very much for following my blog!

Are you excited? The first issue of Travel and Learn Magazine is here! Find it below the calendar!

Please feel free to download the 2019 Calendar!


41 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Lovely calendar and love it absolutely! Wish you a very happy new year and loads of more exciting ideas!


  2. The calendar looks nice. I’m wondering if you made them yourself. What software/app did you use?


  3. You’ve got really good ideas on that first issue of your blog magazine. But I think I missed a photo of the finished muffins? 😉 Been to Rome a few years back, and terribly miss it – the sights and the food! There’s nothing like authentic gelato and pizza! Love the calendars, too. Keep it up!


  4. The 2019 calendar was an awesome idea! I love that you give information relating to travel as well.


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