Among the first things you need to learn when travelling is saying “Hello!”, introducing yourself and mentioning some things about you.

– Hello!

– How are you?

– I’m fine, thank you!

– My name is…

– I am Italian / Portuguese / French / Spanish.
– Where are you from?
– I am from Italy / Sicily / Catania / Portugal / Lisbon / France / Paris / Spain / Barcelona.

– Pleased to meet you!

– Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night!

– Good bye!

– Have a nice evening!

– Excuse me!

– Please!

– Thank you!

– Please speak more slowly!

– Could you please write that?
– Please, say that again!

– Yes / No / Maybe / I don’t understand!

– Do you speak English?
– I speak a little English!
– Does anybody here speak English?


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