Accents 7

“Dana, I have only known you for a month, but you have changed my life forever! I will never be the same!” his voice quivers as he opens the box. “Please, think about our future together! Dana MacArthur, will you marry me?” his voice tells me he panicked and is not very sure of this move, but he is all in. I see my reflection in his eyes and realize I do love him. More than I can say right now. But I cannot give him what he wants.

              “I can’t stay home tomorrow. No more than you can. And I cannot live my life like this, waiting for the moment your boss comes knocking on my door with that flag in his hands.” My voice trails off and my eyes fall on the ring. It is a solitary diamond with a plain band. My dream ring. It looks gorgeous.

              “This was my grandma’s” he says, trying not to make eye contact. “She gave it to me on her death bed and made me promise I will use it when I feel the time is right…I never pictured I would use it like this. She would always say, “When you know, you know!”. I never knew what she meant until today!” he is disappointed and very afraid.

              “I’m sorry Tony! I have to go warn Livy and Josie!” my voice breaks and tears start falling down my face. The whole cab ride over, I think about the first time we met, in the bar. It’s only been a month but it feels like more than a year. Things have changed drastically for the last few days. People are becoming more and more agitated, I knew they were planning something, I just didn’t know what it was.


              The Government’s plan worked just as Jose said. The aggressors were infiltrated amongst the peaceful protesters, and they called in the Army. They were under strict orders to evacuate the square, and they managed to do it in record time. The ammo they used certainly helped. It wasn’t war ammo, it was mostly tear gas and rubber bullets. It smelled like the firecrackers I used to smell when I was a kid. I’ll never forget that smell. The result was 5 people dead, of which 2 from respiratory failure, one was hit with shrapnel, which the Government insists was used by the rebels, and 2 people had heart attacks which resulted in death. 58 injured, among which Anthony and myself. I spent the whole evening thinking about him, about us, about what ifs. As I was filming one of the agitators, trying to get a clear shot of him so we can identify him, I was also hit by shrapnel. I lost my balance and fell, next thing I know I was being carried towards an ambulance. I heard his voice as he panicked when he realized it was me. He had a deep cut on his left arm which was bleeding profusely, and another gash above his right eye, but seemed otherwise fine. As he saw me open my eyes he visibly relaxed, and tried to seem friendly. It was over. They won. I would need to leave the country as soon as possible.


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