Occupations (4)

Hello everybody!

Today we will learn more about jobs and occupations!

  • Old McDonald had a farm, so he was a farmer!
  • Being a falconer sounds like a very interesting job.
  • The football player who was injured in last night’s match is being treated at the hospital near my house! It is full of journalists there!
  • Jane is a game designer for EA Sports! That sounds amazing!
  • The gardener was outside when the garbage men came to pick up the garbage. He said they are the ones who knocked over Mrs. McClusky’s mailbox.
  • Today, in History class, we had to talk about a Hunter and Gatherer type of society, but all I could think of was what to eat for lunch!
  • Johnny’s dad works as a highway patrol officer, and he was involved in a high speed chase a few years ago! They managed to catch the guy trying to escape!
  • Bad news! I just read that the flutist you were admiring last week at the Opera House just married Marie, the harpist I told you about!
  • I already spoke to the hairdresser and made an appointment, and Joanie talked to the florist so we are set with our wedding plans!
  • I took my engagement ring to the gem cutter to have it cleaned.
  • Do you remember when I told you about the pro golfer who was running for office? He was just elected Governor of the state!
  • We live in a very very small town, so our foreman also works as a grocer and a handyman!
  • Geologists rock!
  • The guide I usually recommend for this trip is away this week, so I would suggest you find somebody else!
  • He is a descendant of a famous General from the First World War. All the men in his family are in the police force, but he chose to become a firefighter.
  • Being a fisherman is not an easy job at all!

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