Colors (1)

Hello everybody!

This week and next week, we will learn some color names! I bet you didn’t know there were this many! 🙂

  • She has eyes the color of amber, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
  • I keep picturing myself passing my fingers through his short, auburn hair.
  • The color combination between beige, coral, cream and khaki doesn’t sound too appealing.
  • There might be a difference between aqua, azure and aquamarine, but I really can’t tell.
  • If you have trouble distinguishing between jade and kelly green, just remember that kelly green is the one reminiscing of the Irish landscape.
  • His eyes were brown with copper tones, and he had jet black hair.
  • Ok, I get that ecru and eggplant are colors, but desert sand? Really?
  • Cerise is lighter than fuchsia. Crimson is darker than both of them.
  • I love the combination between cerulean and gold.
  • Charcoal is darker than gray.
  • I have an ivory foundation and an apricot blush. My friend uses ebony foundation and bronze contour.
  • Remember when chocolate and lemon were only food items, not colors?
  • I like your lilac dress!
  • Now you try!
  • Make sentences with the following words: indigo, lavender, blue, emerald, jungle green and cyan.


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