Occupations (9)

Hello everybody!

This is the last post in our “Occupations” category.

  • My tailor used to be a warden, but he quit his first job and followed his calling.
  • The valet who parked our car is a war veteran.
  • Is he a veterinarian?
  • No, he is a zoologist.
  • My sister used to be class tresurer, and now she works as a tax collector.
  • The tiler also works as a taxi driver on weekends.
  • Do you remember our waiter last night? Isn’t he that zookeeper?
  • She is a famous yodeler now, but she first worked as a waitress.
  • Between being a taxidermist and a trash collector, I believe I would choose the latter. I find dead animals creepy.
  • The travel agent advised me to book a translator if I have want to participate in the conference. Apparently, the people there don’t speak English at all.
  • My English teacher became a full time writer, and now she is very famous.
  • I was supposed to write about a warrior today, in English class, but I didn’t feel like it, so I asked the teacher to let me write about test pilots, and I will write about warriors as a homework.
  • Today, in shop class, we had to form pairs and work as either a toolmaker, a watchmaker, a welder, a woodcarver, or a workman.
  • Jodie, the famous violinist, is my tutor.
  • The term “umpire” designates a referee arbitrating a baseball match.
  • The usher at our wedding is actually an undertaker, that’s why he has a “deadly” air around him.
  • She was a weaver, he was a truck driver, they were in love.
  • My trader has a personal trainer.
  • The tennis player was involved in a car accident.
  • The technician will be here tomorrow at 13 to look at the fridge and see why it’s been making that noise.
  • She has been working as a typist for the last 10 years, but she just now mentioned that she doesn’t like it.

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