Occupations (7)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn more about jobs and occupations! What do you do?

  • The park ranger warned us not to leave fires unattended!
  • The pathologist was able to explain the cause of death so that we understand.
  • She is the youngest pilot too win this race!
  • Is your sister a physician?
  • No, she has a doctoral degree in Philology.
  • I promised my baby we will play pretend when we come back from the pediatrician. He wants to be a prince and I get to be a poet.
  • I was just coming back from the grocery store when I was stopped by a policeman. He said I was going over the speed limit, but I was sure I wasn’t.
  • The pawn broker advised me to check in with a lawyer or a paralegal, so I can make sure I can sell the painting.
  • I have a painter come in tomorrow to paint the nursery room!
  • He is a natural performer, I am glad he made it as a pianist!
  • When she was little, my sister wanted to be a princess, but she ended up becoming a paleontologist.
  • He quit his job as a pharmacist, became a percussionist and left on a world tour.
  • He couldn’t find work as a philosopher, so he enrolled as a private.
  • The producer hired a private detective to follow the main actor, because he was suspecting him of drinking before coming into work. It turns out the actor wasn’t drinking, but he was sleeping with the producer’s wife.
  • My brother used to dream about becoming a pitcher for the Yankees, but he ended up becoming a photographer.
  • The principal asked us to come in tomorrow to talk about our son.
  • When I was in college, one of my professors encouraged me to write, and that’s the story of how I became a writer.
  • My publisher wants the final first chapter by Monday.
  • The psychologist I was seeing recommended I go to a psychiatrist instead.
  • My daughter wants to become president.
  • He wants to be a programmer, but his parents encourage him to become a politician.
  • It’s hard to find a good plumber these days.
  • She is the physicist who won the laest Nobel prize for physics.


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