Occupations (5)

Hello everybody!

We are fast approaching our next subject, but until then, we still have a couple of posts about jobs and occupations!

  • Jane McAdams, the famous writer, is looking for an illustrator for her next book. Is Jake still doind that?
  • No, I think he just works as a legal aide now.
  • Call the locksmith! I forgot my keys inside and the door just locked!
  • My English teacher just quit! He landed a job as Metallica’s lyricist.
  • Jake’s dad works as a lobbyist for an oil company.
  • The landlord called. He said that the landscaper will be here next week to work on the front yard.
  • My karate teacher once fought 4 people and he sent them all to the Emergency Room.
  • Being an intern for this Fortune 500 company was her launch ramp. Her career has been on a positive path ever since.
  • The interpreter had a hard time making up for her mistakes.
  • The judge ruled in favor of the inventor. He gets to retain his right to intellectual property, and the pharmaceutical company will start paying for the use of his prototype.
  • What kind of doctor is Jane’s mom?
  • She’s an internist.
  • The lawyer and the investigator work together on this case. The company is trying to prove that their client is innocent.
  • He is a linguist, but he works as a lifeguard for the summer.
  • I thought he was the lecturer, but he turned out to be a well dressed janitor!
  • The jeweler in question admitted to selling gold plated jewelry for the price of gold jewelry. I hope he gets a good lawyer!
  • Maria’s mother is a librarian, so Maria always goes to the library where she works after school, and finishes her homework there.
  • Being a journalist has changed a lot since the development of social media.

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