Occupations (2)

Hello everybody!

Welcome to English Monday!

Today, we will talk more about occupations!

  • He is a very good driver, he has worked for a couple of years as achauffeur and as a cab driver.
  • She is a clerk at the post office, she has a very busy schedule!
  • His penmanship is amazing, he is a great calligrapher!
  • She is a true artist, and now she does what she like, as she became a cartoonist!
  • She is very passionate about science, and now she works as a chemist!
  • What type of doctor is he?
  • He is a cardiologist!
  • She is a baseball coach!
  • He is a very appreciated chef in this city, everybody wants to try his food!
  • He works as a caterer, he has just started his own business baking and delivering baked goods!
  • He likes working as a carpenter, it allows him to express himself by sculpting wood!
  • He used to be a clergyman, but apparently the sea was his true calling, as he left the church and became a captain!
  • She is a very talented cellist!
  • Remind me to send the parcel by courier tomorrow morning!
  • My friend’s mom is a custodian at the National History Museum, and she can get us half priced tickets for the exhibit next month!
  • Being a cartographer used to be a great and important job, now we just use Google Maps!
  • I really like how fast the cashiers move at this location! I usually spend little time at check-out!
  • I had to wait for my friend to answer his phone, because his concierge wouldn’t let me go up.
  • I just got tickets for the Evie Alfonso concert! She is a great composer!
  • My parents are looking for a cook for their bistro, so let me know if you think of somebody!
  • He works at the coroner’s office.
  • She is an independent contractor, brought on for this project only.
  • Madame Consul will be available for appointments starting next week.

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