Sports (4)

Hello everybody!

This week we will learn some more sports!

  • My sister used to practice karate and kung fu, but I was more into chess.
  • My brother is the league’s MVP.
  • Kayaking and parasailing are on my bucket list.
  • Josh plays in a minor league, but I have high hopes he will move on to the major league.
  • Due to the hit and the sudden movement, he lost his mouthguard.
  • There are no winners and losers in martial arts.
  • I love summer! Flying a kite, laying by the pool and playing with a pogo stick all day long.
  • I enjoy watching kickball, long jump, ping pong and pole vault.
  • My friend had an accident during paintball, so she never wants to do that again.
  • She played lacrosse in the university’s team.
  • Now she only likes Nordic skiing.
  • Now you try!
  • Compose sentences with the following words: Olympics, pitch, pitcher, polo, puck.


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