Sports (3)

Hello everybody!

This week, we are learning more about sports!

  • He enjoys figure skating, ice hockey, and judo.
  • She prefers to play football or watch gymnastics competitions on TV in her free time.
  • He used to be a gymnast, he actually won the gold medal a couple of years ago.
  • I quit jogging for fitness, but I sometimes miss my daily jog around the park.
  • It’s halftime for the field hockey match.
  • I like to play Frisbee, or watch free throw and hammer throw on TV.
  • I used to play handball in junior high, and hockey in highschool.
  • During the game, he had to wear a helmet, in order to avoid injury.
  • Ice skating and high jump are my two favorite sports!
  • He quit fencing for javelin throw.
  • Now you try!
    Make sentences with the following words: field, gear, goal, golf, jumping.

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