Sports (2)

Hello everybody!

This week, we will continue to talk about sports!

  • Mona is at the club, playing cricket.
  • Marcus wants to go to a diving school this summer. Apparently, you get a diver certificate after graduating.
  • The coach was arrested last night. Apparently, the supplements he was selling to athletes were actually drugs.
  • I have never played dodgeball when I was young. I don’t think I understand the rules very well.
  • I will need a discus for this exercise.
  • The equestrian competition is this Sunday!
  • My competitor lost because of faulty equipment, so I believe we should compete again!
  • Curling seems like your type of sport, grandma!
  • He is a very dedicated athlete, he hopes to compete in a decathlon soon!
  • This championship is based on his talent as a catcher!
  • Last year’s champion will be competing in a doubleheader, which means he will have to perform well in both contests, if he wants to keep his medal.
  • He was alone in the canoe when it tipped over.
  • She enjoys canoeing, croquet and playing darts.
  • She is a cyclist, but she plays defense on our weekly football match.

Try your hand!

Write sentences using the following words: catch, crew, and dartboard.

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