Sports (1)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will begin a new series of topics, this time related to sports!

What is your favorite sport?

  • I love practicing archery. I started when I was pregnant but I had a really hard time fiding my balance!
  • As the batter prepared for the change, the arena went silent!
  • The archer lifted the bow, nocked the arrow, and as he let go, we all exhaled in unison.
  • Do you want to go bowling with me and Jason tonight?
  • Thanks, but I’m not much of a bowler.
  • When we were younger, we used to love playing badminton.
  • Biathlon is my favourite! I love watching people shoot stuff, and the cross country skying feels like a bonus.
  • My sister really enjoys biking and aerobics. I was actually thinking of buying her a new bike for her birthday.
  • The moment I enjoy most of all, in baseball, is when the bat and the ball collide. It feels like the world stops for a second.
  • I really enjoy watching billiards or boxing, but I prefer to just watch.
  • They just won the bronze medal for bobsleigh!
  • Melanie, stop twirling your baton and wash your hands so we can have dinner!
  • My bicycle is in the shop this week, so I will be playing basketball.
  • The athlete was outside, playing with a boomerang.

Try your hand!

Write one or two sentences using the following two words: bicycling and boxer.


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