Occupations (8)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn about jobs and occupations which begin with the letters “R” and “S” in English.

  • Is she the receptionist or a real estate agent?
  • I must admit that the referee was very fair, even though my team did not win.
  • He swears like a sailor!
  • When he was younger, my little brother wanted to become a samurai. Now he works as a smith.
  • The surgeon asked for a radiographic film, but apparently the radiologist was nowhere to be found!
  • Do you remember when I told you my sister was a swimmer? She just called to tell me she is training for the Olympics.
  • My seamstress is amazing! You should check out what she managed to do with my old dress!
  • My dream is to move to Panama and become a scuba diver!
  • Even though being a rancher was in his blood, he became a star the day he became a saxophonist.
  • She used to be a ranger, but now she works as a surveyor.
  • One of my students told me she wanted to become a soldier, but her mother convinced her to go to college first.
  • The security guard stopped the scientist on his way out. It turns out the scientist wanted to steal a briefcase with some case files.
  • He went from being a street sweaper, to salesman, to statistician, to stockbroker, so you can really say he has done it all!
  • The scholar turned out to be a spy for a foreign government.
  • She used to be one of those socialites who gravitate around singers, but now she is a representative for a pharmaceutical company.
  • The Senator kept singing the chorus of “I shot the sheriff“.
  • He owns a couple of restaurants in New York, and he really knows his way around one, so you can say he is a restaurateur.
  • The reporter asked me to give them an interview and I accepted. It’s not like I couldn’t use the publicity.
  • She enjoys working as a registrar far better than she liked working as a researcher.

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