Occupations (6)

Hello everybody!

Today, we will learn about jobs and occupations which begin with the letters “M”, “N”, and “O”, in English.

  • Jane hired a magician for her daughter’s sixth birthday party. It was awesome!
  • Did you know Julie, our former maid, is now a famous oboist?
  • I recently met Susan, she used to be a muralist, now she has joined a convent and became a nun!
  • When I was in the hospital last year, after having my apendix removed, I ended up listening to gossip all day! It turns out the head nurse was cheating on her husband, the ophtalmologist, with one of the orderlies!
  • Our mail carrier looks like he used to be a marine!
  • Our mayor, Jason, used to be a model.
  • Everybody expected him to grow up to be a miner, like his father, but he ended up making it as a musician.
  • His mother wanted him to become a monk, but he choose to write his life and became a novelist.
  • Honey, do you have any idea where’s the prescription for my glasses? I have an appointment with the optician in a half an hour and I can’t find it!
  • The midwife was amazing! She really helped my wife during labor!
  • Jose is a negociator now, but we started working as a mechanic in his last year of highschool!
  • My phone stopped working again! I think I should write to the manufacturer!
  • During our trip in the jungle, there was a moment we got separated from our guide, and I ended up stranded, along with a mathematician, an ornithologist and a notary. As you might guess, the ornithologist was the fun one!
  • You know what they say, don’t shoot the messenger!
  • I think you overcharged me for this item, may I please speak to a manager?

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