Accents 6

 “Wait, you mean Jose is the one who will publish your article? How do you know him?”

“I don’t. Josie gave me his name and phone number, she says she met him when she was covering a story on the construction of the new highway. I got the feeling there was something there!” I smile at him. He makes a face at me and I know what he’s thinking, that Josie is a little weird, but Josie is my friend, so I smack him over the arm. He dances out of reach and I catch myself before I trip.

“They would be a match made in heaven!” he answers. “He’s also a little odd, but I do consider him to be a friend, and I am sure he will help with the article. I’ll give him a call, but he has this code and we’d better talk in person. How about we meet up with him tonight? Order some Chinese, plan our next move?” he grins.

“Plan our next move? What are we, Liam Neeson in Taken?”


It’s been one week since the article, and one week since I lost my job… But I don’t care anymore. There is no staying out of it, in the middle of the war. I became a target for the Government, and now they try to discredit me. They even confiscated my passport. Freedom of the press means nothing in the society that they want. And I am more and more convinced that they will get it. The bill proposal will be voted on in two days’ time. And then they will win.

I am trying to sleep, even though it is only 9 o’clock. I noticed this pattern where we go to bed earlier still every day, trying to get more sleep, but we just lie in bed, unwilling to drift off. Anthony’s phone rings and he answers. The lines on his forehead announce bad news. He’s curt and annoyed.

              “That was Jose. He can’t speak, he mostly spoke a code we invented back when we were training for the Navy. He says the Government plans to create a diversion tomorrow, by planting decoys in the protests. They will engage the police and they’re supposed to become aggressive.” He pauses as he sees my reaction, not sure if he should continue. “That’s not all. Jose’s brother called him. He’s in the Army. Everybody got called in today. It’s a coup. Jose said we should lock ourselves in the house tomorrow.” He trails off, following my reaction.

              “I should go home tonight. Livy must be worried. I’ll try to keep her occupied tomorrow. I…”

              “Please don’t…” he hesitates…”I don’t want you to go tomorrow. I want you to stay at home, lock yourself in and not say a word to anybody.” He stands up, opens the sock drawer, and reaches for a pair of black socks. He unrolls the pair and reveals a small jewelry box. He looks up to me with bleak eyes, and I realize he is scared. He doesn’t want to lose me as I don’t want to lose him. But I can’t ask him to remain home with me tomorrow any more than I can stay home myself. A tear rolls down my face as I realize neither of us can stay. We wouldn’t be who we are if we did.               “Dana, I have only known you for a month, […]

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