Occupations (1)

Hello everybody!

Welcome to English Monday!

Today, we will learn to talk about jobs and occupations!

  • As an artist, you also need somebody to help you with taxes! Talk to my accountant!
  • I would like to present His Excelency, the Ambassador!
  • She seems familiar! Is she an actress?
  • I finally did it! My lawyer helped me with paperwork, and now I am officialy a published author!
  • He is a famous athlete, and his wife is an astronomer!
  • I have previous experience as a babysitter and an animator!
  • I always dreamt of becoming a ballerina, I don’t know how I actually became an astronaut!
  • He is a banker but deep down he wants to quit his job and become an archer!
  • Julie, please call my barber and schedule an appointment! I need to cut my hair!
  • She was always good at sports, so I figured she will become a baseball player or a basketball player!
  • He was always passionate about biology, so he became a biologist!
  • He works as a bookkeeper, but his dream is to become a baker! He even went to pastry school!
  • I’ll send the butler to the butcher‘s! I feel like having a steak tonight!

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