Honeymoon in Lisbon – Day 2

Hello everybody!

As I was saying last week HERE, I will try to provide some ideas for a honeymoon in Portugal, in the Lisbon area.

The first day ended with you and your spouse / significant other drinking wine and listening to Fado music. If you can, and this is a sort of general travel tip, try to book a hotel with breakfast included; this way, you can grab a bite to eat before you head out, and you can stretch lunch to a later hour, so as not to interfere with a busy schedule of visiting!

For the second day of the trip, I propose the following itinerary:

  • Take a walk through the park to the Castelo dos Mouros (it will last forever, but the view and the journey is AMAZING!!!)
  • Visit the Castelo dos Mouros
  • Have a picnic lunch in the Palacio da Pena Gardens
  • Visit the Palacio Nacional de Pena
  • Visit Vale dos Lagos – Pateira

It may sound like a lot, but only the first part of the itinerary is the hardest, as I propose you return to Sintra center via Tuk-Tuk (the trip from the exit of Vale dos Lagos – Pateira to Sintra center was 5 Euros / person, and I can honestly say it was the best spent money of my life, as my feet were killing me by the time we finished the trip!)

If you don’t have any ideas for a picnic lunch, try to find a grocery store (I think we actually got some groceries in a town near Sintra on our first day!). A small selection of local meats and cheeses makes for an amazing lunch, and is also easy to pack and clean up afterward!

20 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Lisbon – Day 2

  1. Wow! I am totally in love in this beautiful place! I will save this on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this to us!


  2. Wow Lisban looks incredible! I will have to add it to my bucket list for sure and save this post for later!


  3. Wow, I was in Lisbon last month but only a very short stay as my trip include Spain as well. So we don’t have so much time to go outside of Lisbon. We only manage to do a city tour and check out the bridges and the buildings in the city. Pretty amazing city and things are pretty cheap. Bought a pair of high wedges sports shoes and only cost me 8 euro. The egg tarts are incredibly delicious too. The famous 100 years old egg tart cafe bakeries are loaded with tourist and glad we did not have to queue too long.


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