Hello everybody!

Welcome to English Monday!

Today we will talk about family!

  • Do you have a brother or a sister?
  • No, I am an only child!
  • Are you her parent? / Yes, I am her mother!
  • Does your father have any siblings?
  • My grand-father only had one brother, so my dad has only one uncle!
  • You should see my family reunions! My grand-mother has 5 sisters, and they get together every Easter!
  • My cousin and her mother, my aunt on my father’s side, are helping me with my dad’s birthday cake!
  • Meet John, my son, and Julie, my daughter!
  • My sister gave birth to twins, so I have both a niece and a nephew!
  • My husband’s cousin is an only child.
  • All four of my grandparents are alive!
  • My grandfather married my grandmother in this church!
  • My brother has both a son and a daughter, so my parents have both a grandson and a granddaughter!
  • My brother-in-law just got married! Now I have a new sister-in-law!
  • My father-in-law worked in the Police force for 50 years!
  • I have this cake recipe from my mother-in-law!
  • My son-in-law is a lawyer!
  • After Jane got married again, she had a son with her new husband, so Julie, her daughter with her ex-husband now has a step-brother!

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