The Weather

Hello everybody!

Welcome to English Monday!

Today we will talk about the weather!

  • What is the weather like outside?
  • What’s the weather forcast?
  • Do you want me to turn on the air conditioner?
  • Are you sure you want to go out? It is below freezing, and the roads are really icy!
  • During a storm, my dog gets very scared! He is mostly scared about the thunder, not the lightning!
  • The thermometer doesn’t show it, but you should take a jacket with you! It’s rather chilly!
  • You should prepare for the next two weeks! There is a cold spell coming!
  • 15 degrees Celsius is equal to 59 Fahrenheit.
  • Because of the drought, I have not watered my lawn, but it looks like it is going to rain anyway!
  • I can’t wait to be rid of this heat-wave! I have a sunburn and my brother got a heat stroke!
  • The temperature seems higher because of the humidity!
  • After the hurricane made landfall on the East coast, there is now a tornado headed that way!
  • After the blizzard, the tourists were trapped in an avalance!
  • The sky looks cloudy, but I hope that it will clear!
  • The forecast mentioned precipitation, so I really hope to see a rainbow!
  • Only go outside if it’s absolutely necessary! It’s drizzling!
  • There are only a few flurries, but I am already dreaming of a white Christmas!
  • It’s very sunny outside, but the breeze makes it seem cool!
  • My uncle lost a toe to frostbite!
  • I hate driving when it’s so foggy! I can barely see the road!
  • The forecast mentioned snow, but I don’t believe it will turn into a snowstorm!
  • The weather is getting colder! Last night there was some hail!
  • I hate it when the sky is so overcast! It makes my kind of gloomy!
  • The showers in the last couple of days have left many puddles in the road! Beware of the potholes!
  • The sky is partly cloudy, but the temperature if perfect for the beach!
  • The flood has affected all towns along the river, and not just the houses closest to it!
  • Be careful with that umbrella outside! The wind might break it!


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