Staycation Ideas


“If travelling were free, you’d never see me again” said a very shared online quote. However, travelling is not free, and in addition to money, you also need time off work and maybe somebody to keep you company! So, what can you do when wanderlust strikes – in the middle of the year, you are on a budget, and find yourself without vacarion days?

The answer is easy – enjoy a staycation!

It is easy, travel costs are basically non-existent, lodgings are also free, all you need is a free couple of days – maybe you have a free weekend or a couple of afternoons!

A staycation means staying at home and enjoying a vacation. What do you like to do when you go on vacation? It doesn’t matter if you prefer to visit museums all day or go trekking, if you’d rather go to a spa or enjoy a concert. There certainly is a perfect staycation for you!

Enjoy something out of the ordinary!

The first thing you need to do is try to find the reason why your city is popular with tourists. For example, my hometown of Constanta is a popular beach attraction in the summertime. People spend a lot of money in order to enjoy some days lying on the beach. I will try to present to you a 3 day staycation idea! Maybe you have a long weekend, or maybe you are an overachiever and manage to complete my itinerary in 2 days!

I will try to keep the ideas general so they can be applyed to basically any city in the world. Let me know if you manage!

Day 1 – Get a sense of the city

When travelling, the first thing I like to do is check in at the hotel and wander about, try to get a sense of the city. This is what I propose for the first day of the staycation. First, try to find some tips on how to arrange your space as if you were living in a hotel. I found a nice little video on Youtube which showed me how to fold my towels like they do at a spa. They look wonderfull! Try to arrange your towels like at a spa, maybe declutter the living room a bit, spread some lifestyle magazines around the coffee table!

Next, simply act like you are on vacation! If you have tourist busses, buy a “hop on/hop off” bus pass and stop at each stop, taking in the architecture of the city. Maybe wake up early and catch the sunrise!

Have brunch at a local cafe, or grab a bite on the go. Do not forget to take a lot of photos! You must pass by some great spots on your daily commute to work, but you are too busy focusing on your daily tasks. Focus on the things your city is known for, maybe a nice statue or a great fountain! Walk through a park as if for the first time! Enjoy a quiet afternoon walking around and google-ing each street corner.

Finally, towards the end of the first day away, I like to shop for a bit for some snacks, drinks, something to have on hand, should I need anything back at the hotel. Try window shopping somewhere expensive, or just grocery shop for the next week! (After all, it’s your vacation!) Maybe try to add some bath soaks, some scented candles and a face mask to the shopping list! (See why on day 3)

Day 2 – Museum time

I really enjoy visiting museums when travelling. They give me a sense of the city and its history. For the second day of your staycation, I propose you visit one or two museums in your city which you have not visited in a while. Maybe you have an Art Museum nearby but you were never interested, or maybe you can find a new exhibit. Google it beforehand, so you know what to expect, wait in line, buy your ticket and enjoy!

Another interesting thing you can do is try to find local guided tours. You may be lucky enough to find a free tour (however, tips are always welcome). Guided tours give you the opportunity to encounter somebody local who is so passionate about your city, they can give you a new perspective on things!

Day 3 – Pampering, clubbing, pubbing! 

On the last day of your staycation, treat yourself to a spa day and a clubbing / pubbing evening!

If you have managed to also go shopping on your first day, now is the time to pamper yourself! Take a hot bath or just soak your feet, use bath salts, play your favorite music while drinking cucumber water! (The spa like towels complete the scene!)

Catch a quick afternoon nap and prepare for the second part of the day – try a pub crawl (is that still a thing or am I getting old? 😅). Try every search engine you can find – surely there must me a concert somewhere you might like. If you are not in the mood for loud music, maybe visit a pub and try some appetizers or try finding a brewary style pub, and enjoy a beer tasting!


The bottom line is, stay at home and try something different. Act like a tourist, feel like a tourist, spend like a local! Don’t forget to take lots of photos, just like you would do on holiday. In the meantime, maybe try learning a few words in a foreign language or try cooking a foreign dish. Keep planing your next vacation and enjoy a weekend at home!

What do you think of my ideas?

Is there anything you would change or add to my list?

Let me know in a comment!

Please like and share if you enjoyed my tips.


9 thoughts on “Staycation Ideas

  1. Very interesting. Many people forget to be travellers in their home city! Since I returned from a long travel break I have taken care to explore my home city (London) a lot more. I like your ideas. In terms of getting a sense of the city, it’s a good idea to look for walking tours that operate in the area. We’re going on one in London this weekend 🙂


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